Around the world trip: free and indipendent with a self storage for rent

Travelling, long holidays, exploring far away countries, having time and freedom: all this will be easier if you store your furniture at Casaforte.

Around the world trip free and indipendent with a self storage for rent - Casaforte

Travelling, long holidays, exploring far away countries, having time and freedom: all this will be easier if you store your furniture at Casaforte.

If you're planning a trip around the world it's because you're ready for an adventure. It takes weeks and months of preparation before your trip of a life time can start. Have you already read many travel blogs and feel the need to escape? Then it's time to organise it all.

When you organise your trip, think well ahead so that you'll then be truly enjoying your time.


FAQ - before leaving


  • Here's some questions you'll be asking yourself:
  • Which countries would you like to visit?
  • Which foreign cultures interest you the most?
  • How would you like to travel? Car, plane or train?
  • What's the best option - an around the world ticket or single destination tickets?
  • How long would you like to travel for and what's gonna happen with your flat whilst you're away?
  • What's your travelling budget?
  • What are your current costs at home?
  • Subleasing your flat - can you do it?
  • Travel insurance - how important is it?



One of the most common question is what to do with your apartment and all that's inside. A self storage solution is the ideal answer to this.

Leave everything in a storage Casaforte. Because one travels better when there are no worries back home

Keep your personal belongings, clothes, sport equipment, furniture and documents in a storage space. Sublease your apartment and don't worry about what could happen to your things - because it will all be in storage. Leave it all with us for as long as you wish. We're in Basel, Lugano and Bedano.


Around the world trip or frequent traveller? Dont' forget self-storage

Even if you live an unplanned life and let things simply happen, it wouldn't be a bad idea to plan a little - especially when it comes to a trip around the world. Planning ahead is always a great idea. Save time and problems. Leave for your trip - worry free - leave everything at Casaforte.



Start saving and reducing your costs whilst you're away: sublease your apartment and, why not, your car too. Plan it all ahead to avoid last minute problems.


Check your passport expiry date and make sure you've done all necessary vaccinations. If your trip is very long, ask your eighbours to pick up the mail for you.


If you need specific medicines, verify that you have enough for the whole trip. Better be independent when you're far from home.

Bring few clothes and leave plenty of room for what you'll buy. Only bring one pair of shorts, a few t shirts, a sweater, socks and underwear. A jacket if you go somewhere cold, comfy shoes and you're good to go.


Everything else? Leave it in a storage space Casaforte.

Be aware that an around the world trip is not a relaxing holiday. You'll be away from home for a while, you'll leave your everyday life behing and routine will drastically change. Don't leave your apartment empty - sublease it and save some money. Plan ahead what to leave in storage and what to leave in your flat.

Perhaps a small space of a few square meters will be enough: your mountain bike, a dozen of boxes and your bed. Renting a storage space Casaforte is simple and fast. If your return date changes, we'll keep everything safe for you. We only need 5 day cancellation notice.

Explore the countries you've longed to visit, immerse yourself in the art and culture, flora and fauna, discover its people.

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